Diabetes Education Nursing Certification Program


This certified education program aims to train competent nurses who will raise public awareness about diabetes and protect healthy individuals from diabetes by carrying out the diagnosis, education, treatment, care, monitoring, and referral of individuals with diabetes in all age groups, educating and advise the individual with diabetes, their family, and individuals around them and colleagues on the management of the disease.


Participants who complete this course successfully will be able to:

Explain the global and national development of diabetes and diabetes risks and the role, and responsibilities of nurses in the prevention, and management of diabetes..

Discuss the early diagnosis and prevention strategies of diabetes.

Explain the pathophysiology, diagnostic criteria, classification, and clinical stages of diabetes.

Ground its practices in national legal regulations related to nursing and diabetes care.

Perform comprehensive head to toe physical examination of individual  with diabetes .

Provide individualized care for individuals with diabetes and their families, following national and international standards, ethical codes, and evidence-based practices.

Explain the principles of oral antidiabetic and insulin therapy in the management of diabetes.

Explain the fundamental principles of nutrition and exercise in the management of diabetes.

Plan implement, and evaluate individual (coaching, mentoring, etc.) and group education sessions (diabetes chats, etc.) for individuals/families with diabetes, using therapeutic patient education principles and methods.

Explain the acute and chronic complications of diabetes and early diagnosis and prevention methods.

Manage the acute and chronic complications of diabetes.

Apply principles to empower self-management of individuals with diabetes according to their developmental stages.

Diagnose and manage gestational diabetes.

Maintain continuous professional development to keep competence, knowledge, and skills up to date.

Support the development of diabetes nursing at institutional, national, and global levels.

Utilize current technologies in diabetes care.

Understand the basic steps of the research process and participate in research projects.

Duration of the Course

The total duration of this course is 20 days and consists of 88 hours  theoretical and 72 hours of practical training  (Total: 160 hours) . Participants who complete the program successfully receive a certificate officially approved by the Ministry of Health and 160 ANCC credits.

Please contact SANERC administration with questions.


Koç University School of Nursing faculty members, medical doctors who have experience in this field and nurses with bachelor’s degree in nursing who have Diabetes Education Nursing certificate approved by Ministry of Health services are in charge.

Educational Methods

Verbal lecture

Slide presentations and videos


Active discussion

Questions and answers

Case studies:


Group work

Clinical practice

Course Materials

Course materials are prepared and updated from national and international sources in the related field.

Success Criteria

Participants cannot be employed in another area/unit/ center or in another job during the training program. Participation in all lessons is mandatory—only 10% absenteeism is acceptable.

There are written exams at the beginning and end of the course in order to measure the efficiency and effectiveness of the training. Participants who do not fulfill the attendance obligation are not tested. Participants must be successful both in the theoretical and in skill practice sections of the training.

A participant who scores 70 points or more out of 100 points from the exam that includes theoretical subjects is considered successful. A participant who scored below 70 on this multiple-choice exam is considered unsuccessful but may continue to practice. Participants who fail the theoretical exam are entitled to 1 (one) more theoretical exam within 3 (three) days. Participants who failed the exam should reapply to the program.

“Evaluation Form” is filled in by each educator in clinical practice. A participant who scores below 70 points in clinical practice is considered unsuccessful. Participants who failed the skill practice section of the training should reapply to the program.

The participant’s achievement for the certification is determined by taking an average of 60 % of theoretical exams and 40 % of evaluations in clinical practice.

The participant, who is successful in completing the training, is awarded a certificate approved by the Ministry of Health.

The objections of the participants who object to their grades at the end of the course are finalized by the educators within 5 (five) working days at the latest.

 Certification and Validity Period

The participant, who is successful in completing the training, is awarded a certificate approved by the Ministry of Health. The certificate is valid for five years.


Who can Participate?

The nurses, (nurse authorized) and paramedics who work or document that it will work in diabetes education nursing and nurses who have worked in nursing for at least 3 years, can participate in this course.

The course is limited to 30 participants. Please contact SANERC administration for the program fee.


The program is conducted at the Semahat Arsel Nursing Education, Practice and Research Center at the Koç University Health Sciences Campus. Please contact SANERC administration with questions.

Contact Information

Address: Koç University

Semahat Arsel Nursing Education, Practice and Research Center (SANERC)
Koç University Health Sciences Campus

Davutpaşa Caddesi, No: 4

34010 Topkapı, İstanbul

Tel: +90 – 26 01- 26 03-212 311 26 40

Fax: +90 212 311 26 30

E-posta: sanerc@ku.edu.tr


* This program is conducted in accordance with the ANCC Accreditation Standards.

Conflicts of Interest: No SANERC faculty members, education planning committee and content expert have any financial relationships or conflicts of interest in relation to this program.

Commercial Support: No commercial support is provided for this program.

Non-endorsement of Products: SANERC does not gain any advantage from any product sponsorship except for only officially approved products.