Introduction: Caregivers of cancer patients take multi-dimensional responsibilities in the radiotherapy process. Therefore, it is important to manage the problems experienced by

caregivers in the cancer process.

Methods: This research was carried out as a randomized controlled study to evaluate the

effectiveness of the mobile-assisted strengthening program developed specifically for caregivers of cancer patients undergoing radiotherapy. The research was conducted with 74 individuals who care for cancer patients who receive radiotherapy in the Department of Radiation Oncology at Ankara Oncology Training and Research Hospital between September 2019 – May 2020. The mobile empowerment program consists of the radiotherapy process, coping with the problems experienced by the caregivers during the radiotherapy process, videos, activities and question and answer modules. Research data were collected on the 1st and 21st days of radiotherapy. In the study, the data were collected by using descriptive information information form, distress thermometer, the family quality of life scale and coping attitudes assessment scale.

Results: The difference between the strengthening group and the control group was found to

be statistically significant ın the last measurement (p <0.001). In the last measurement, the distress scores of the reinforcement group were significantly lower. There was no significant difference between the mean scores of coping attitudes between empowerment and control

group. The mean scores of Physical health status, diagnostic approach status, support and

economic impact status and total quality of life showed a significant difference between the

groups at the last follow-up. The quality of life of the caregivers in the empowerment group was higher.

Conclusion: As a result of the study evaluating the effect of the mobile empowerment program on caregivers, it is recommended to increase the studies that support caregivers in the cancer process.

Keywords: caregiver, empowerment, mobile application, radiothreapy