Vehbi Koç Foundation Nursing Support Fund Project Support Program

Established in 2003, the Vehbi Koç Foundation Nursing Fund Project Support Program provides funds to nursing researchers. Since then, 66 projects have received support within the scope of the program. In 2020 was received 24 applications and only 3 of them are considered worthy to support.

The fundamental aim of the program is to contribute to the development and strengthening of the nursing profession in Turkey. In line with this objective, projects which contribute to the improvement of nursing education, management and practices, highlight the importance of nursing care, reflect the joint studies of nurses in the academic and clinical field, and preferably, plan to be carried out throughout Turkey in an interdisciplinary manner are supported.

In the project applications, all nurses who have an undergraduate degree in nursing, a PhD, or work in an academic or clinical field may carry out the duty of project coordinator. Other researchers to take part in the project must have at least an undergraduate degree.

We kindly request that the budget for 2021 not exceed 120,000.00 TRY and that project proposals be e-mailed and one hard copy with a wet signature be sent to the specified address.

Project writers are required to submit their projects in the following format.