Intensive Care Nursing Education Program


The aim of this online program is to increase the awareness of intensive care nurses and update their knowledge in order to provide safe and qualified treatment and care to intensive care patients.


Understands the importance of patient and family-centered care in the intensive care unit.

Conducts patient admission and discharge processes in a way that ensures integrity in care  (information, technology, and patient safety issues).

Evaluates critically ill patients comprehensively and correctly and interpret their clinical signs and    symptoms.

Lists evidence-based practices in providing treatment and care for critically ill patients.

Understands the importance of collaborative and effective teamwork.

Duration of the Course

This online course is a short educational program for nurses working in the intensive care unit. The program consists of a total of 15 hours of online theoretical training. After registering for the course, the participants can complete all the theoretical courses as they want within the specific time period.


In this program, faculty members at Koç University Nursing Faculty and other faculty members working in different nursing faculties and Koç University Hospital professional nurses were included as an educators.

Education Methods

Online education

Verbal lecture

Video-based teaching

Course Materials

Course materials are prepared using evidence-based information and are updated every year. All educational documents are given to the participants on the day the training starts.

Success Criteria

Participation in the entire 15-hour course program is mandatory. At the beginning of the program, the “pretest” and at the end of the program “posttest” are done, respectively. After the completion of all theoretical courses, the participants must get 80 (eighty) points out of 100 (one hundred) from the posttest in order to successfully complete the course. Participants who score below 80 points are given one more exam option. Participants who fail sthe econd exam should apply to and repeat the Intensive Care Nursing Education Program..The participant who successfully passes the posttest can receive a certificate of achievement.

Certification and Validity Period

At the end of the education program, the successful participant is given a “Certificate of Achievement”. The validity period of the certificate is 5 years. In the certificate of achievement; the duration of the education program and the subjects included in the program are specified in detail.

Who Can Participate?

Nurses, midwives and health providers (who received nurse authorization) who work in or plan to be employed in the intensive care unit (the document that they will work in the intensive care unit should be provided ) can participate in this certificate program. Since the course program is an online program, there is no limit for the number of participants. Detailed information about participation in the online course program will be shared by SANERC administrative staff.


The program is conducted at the Semahat Arsel Nursing Education and Research Center at the Koç University Health Sciences Campus. Please contact SANERC administration with questions.

Contact Information

Address: Koç University Faculty of Nursing

Semahat Arsel Nursing Education and Research Center (SANERC)
Koç University Health Sciences Campus

Davutpaşa Caddesi, No: 4

34010 Topkapı, İstanbul

Tel: +90 212 311 26 40 – 26 01- 26 03

Fax: +90 212 311 26 30



* This program is conducted in accordance with the ANCC Accreditation Standards.

Conflicts of Interest: No SANERC faculty members have any financial relationships or conflicts of interest in relation to this program.

Commercial Support: No commercial support is provided for this program.

Non-endorsement of Products: SANERC does not gain any advantage from any product sponsorship except for only officially approved products.