Supported Projects


The Effect of Occupational-Based Nursing Program Applied to Pediatric Oncology Patients on Chemotherapy-Related Symptoms and Satisfaction

Project Year: 2021.12

Project manager: Prof. Dr. Emine Efe

The Effect of Education and Art Therapy with Tele-Health Method on Diet-Fluid Restriction and Anxiety in Hemodialysis Patients During the COVID-19 Pandemic Period

Project Year: 2021.16

Project manager: Prof. Dr. Mukadder Mollaoğlu


Translation and Integration of the International Classification of Nursing Practice into Turkish Hospital Information System: Effects on Patient Care

Project Year: 2020.13

Project manager: Prof. Dr. Sevilay Şenol Çelik

The Effect of Interactive Robot on Children's Anxiety, Mobilization and Parental Satisfaction After the Surgery

Project Year: 2020.17

Project manager: Dr. Öğr. Üyesi Sacide Yıldızeli Topçu


Determining the Opinions of the Parents who Lost Their Children from Cancer Related to the Palliative Care

Project Year: 2019.2

Project manager: Doç. Dr. Ayfer Aydın

The Effect of Education and Reminder via the Mobile-Application of Women's Breast Cancer Early Diagnosis Information and Usage Situations

Project Year: 2019.4

Project manager: Prof. Dr. Ayla Gürsoy

The Effect of Motivational Interviewing During Pregnancy on Choıce of Delivery Method

Project Year: 2019.6

Project manager: Dr. Öğretim Üyesi Eda Cangöl

The Effect of Health Belief Model-Based Creative Drama Education on the Health Locus of Control and Smoking Perception

Project Year: 2019.8

Project manager: Doç. Dr. Cantürk Çapık

Developing a Mobıle Application for Vulvar Self-Examination

Project Year: 2019.12

Project manager: Prof. Dr. Hilmiye Aksu

The Effect of Mobilization of Environmental Play on Fear and Pain Levels in the Postoperative Period Between 6-12 Years Old Children with Acute Appendicitis

Project Year: 2019.15

Project manager: Dr. Öğretim Üyesi Gülzade Uysal

The Effect of Clorhexidine at Different Concentrations Used in Oral Care on Microbial Colonization in Mechanically Ventilated Patients

Project Year: 2019.20

Project manager: Doç. Dr. Gülengün Türk

Postpartum Depression Associated with Postpartum Fatigue: Practicing Levine’s Conservation Model

Project Year: 2019.22

Project manager: Prof. Dr. Gülşen Eryılmaz

Empower Caregivers in Radiotherapy Process

Project Year: 2019.24

Project manager: Araş. Görv. Dr. Neşe Uysal


The Effect of Active and Passive Heating Methods Applied in Different Areas of Perioperative Process on Thermal Comfort and Anxiety

Project Year: 2018.1.11

Project manager: Yrd. Doç Dr. Şerife Kurşun

Determination of the Characteristics of Emergency Patient Attending Palliative Care Patients

Project Year: 2018.1.13

Project manager: Yrd. Doç Dr. Gülcan Bakan

The Effects of Mobile Application on Treatment Adherence and Symptoms for Patients Using Oral Agents on Cancer Treatment

Project Year: 2018.1.18

Project manager: Prof Dr. Sultan Ayaz Alkaya

Effect of Structured Discharge Program for Gynecologic Oncologic Surgical Patients on Patient Care Outcomes

Project Year: 2018.1.21

Project manager: Doç Dr. Elif Gürsoy

Prevalence, Prevention and Improvement of Pressure Injury; A Multicenter Study in Turkey (PPIP-TR)

Project Year: 2018.1.24

Project manager: Doç. Dr. Zehra Göçmen Baykara


Assessment of the Effects of Mobile Diabetic Foot Personal Care (m-DFPC) System in Diabetic Patients

Project Year: 2017.2.2 GAZİANTEP

Project manager: Dr. Öğr. Görevlisi Meryem Kılıç

Proje Danışmanı: Prof. Dr. Ayişe Karadağ

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The Effect of Utilization of Mobile Health Application in Stoma Care Training on the Patients’ Adjustment to Stoma and on the Development of Peristomal Skin Lesions

Project Year: 2017.2.10 İSTANBUL

Project manager: Prof. Dr. Merdiye Şendir

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Efficiency of Mobile Application to Anti-TNF Drug Compliance in Ankylosing Spondylitis: A Pilot Study

Project Year: 2017.2.16 ESKİŞEHİR

Project manager: Yrd. Doç. Dr. Ayşe Özkaraman

Cancer Patients' Psychosocial Needs, Coping Ways and Quality of Life

Project Year: 2017.2.22 İSTANBUL

Project manager: Prof. Dr. Perihan Güner


Improving the Writing and Publishing Skills of the Nurses About Professional Experiences

Project Year: 2016.1.2 ANKARA

Project manager: Prof. Dr. Sibel Erkal İlhan

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Development of Healthy Work Environment Standards for Nurses in Turkey

Project Year: 2016.1.4 İZMİR

Project manager: Prof. Dr. Gülseren Kocaman

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Expant Mothers of The Antenatal Classes Attitude Against Birth and Its Effect on Self Confidence

Project Year: 2016.2.1 BURDUR

Project manager: Yrd. Doç. Dr. Çiğdem Gün

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Determining Psychosocial Care-Related Needs of Nurses Working in the Field of Oncology

Project Year: 2016.2.2 İSTANBUL

Project manager: Prof. Dr. Perihan Güner

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The Determination of The Effect of Nursing Support During Labor on Labor Pain, Fear and Perception

Project Year: 2016.2.3 İSTANBUL

Project manager: Yrd. Doç. Dr. Dilek Coşkuner Potur

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Discover the Rescuer Insight! A Youth-Oriented First Aid Awareness Project

Project Year: 2015.4 İSTANBUL

Project manager: Yrd. Doç. Dr. Özlem Yazıcı

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General Health Status, Health-Promoting Life Style Behaviors and Quality of Life of Roma Community in İstanbul and Diyarbakır, Turkey

Project Year: 2015.5 DİYARBAKIR

Project manager: Prof. Dr. Rukiye Pınar Bölüktaş

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The Unseen Danger in Blood-Associated Infections: Connectors

Project Year: 2014.1 İSTANBUL

Project manager: Prof.Dr. Ayşe Ferda OCAKÇI

Assessment of Medical Error Rates Regarding Diagnosis, Treatment and Care Practices of Nurses

Project Year: 2014.2  TRABZON

Project manager: Yrd.Doç.Dr.İlknur KAHRİMAN

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Analysis of Psychiatry Clinics in Turkey in the Sense of Therapeutic Environment

Project Year: 2014.4 BURDUR

Project manager: Yrd.Doç.Dr. Gül ERGÜN

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Effects of Fruit and Vegetables Friendly Programmes on Adolescents' Fruit and Vegetables Consumption: A Study Based on Transtheoretical Model

Project Year: 2013.3 İSTANBUL

Project manager: Yrd.Doç.Dr. Ayşe ERGÜN

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Men's Perceptions of the Appearance of Their Spouses with Physical Changes Related to Breast Cancer Treatment

Project Year: 2013.4 TRABZON

Project manager: Doç.Dr. Ayla GÜRSOY

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Relationship Between Roles and Functions Implementation Status of Nurses Working with Children

Project Year: 2012.3 MERSİN

Project manager: Yrd.Doç.Dr.Rana YİĞİT

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Assessment of Psychometric Properties of the Family Management Measure

Project Year: 2012.4 İSTANBUL

Project manager: Yrd. Doç.Dr. Ayşe ERGÜN

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Validity and Reliability of Turkish Version of Adolescent Vegetable and Fruit Consumption Scales Based on Transtheoretic Model

Project Year: 2011.2 İSTANBUL

Project manager: Yrd. Doç.Dr. Saime EROL

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The Prevention of Domestic Violance Against Women and Children with the "Education Program Against Violance" in Kars

Project Year: 2011.4  KARS

Project manager: Öğr.Gör. Neriman GEY

Determining the Efficiency of Kegel Exercises in Women Over 45 Years Old and Living in Kars with Urinary Incontinence

Project Year: 2011.5 KARS

Project manager: Yrd. Doç.Dr. Yeliz AKKUŞ

Preventing Obesity And Acquiring Healthy Eating Habits in 7-11 Aged School Children in Erzurum

Project Year: 2011.7 ERZURUM

Project manager: Doç.Dr. Duygu ARIKAN

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Effects of Training on Womans Who Have High Risk in Terms of Indoor Enviromental Air Pollution in Kars

Project Year: 2010.1 KARS

Project manager: Yrd.Doç.Dr. Gülnaz KARATAY

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The Effect of Education on the Perception of Patient Burden and Burnout in Caregivers of Stroke Patients

Project Year: 2010.3 YOZGAT

Project manager: Öğr. Gör. Dr. Ayşegül KOÇ

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Students Nurses' Perceptions of Their Preparedness for Practice and Postgraduate Expectations

Project Year: 2010.4 İSTANBUL

Project manager: Yrd. Doç.Dr. Perihan GÜNER KÜÇÜKKAYA

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The Supply of the Consultancy Necessities About the Family Planning in the Women of the 15-49 Age Group Living in Kars Region

Project Year: 2009.2  KARS

Project manager: Öğr. Gör. Neriman GEY

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The Problems, Working Conditions and the Characteristics of the Nurses Employed in Internal Clinics in Turkey

Project Year: 2009.4 BOLU

Project manager: Prof. Dr. Feray GÖKDOĞAN 

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Determination of Effectiveness of Psychiatric Nursing Education Provided for Nurses

Project Year: 2009.7 İZMİR

Project manager: Prof.Dr. Olcay ÇAM

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The Effect of Planned Education on Protective Behaviours of Married Adolescents towards Reproduction Health

Project Year: 2008.1 İZMİR

Project manager: Prof. Dr. Ahsen ŞİRİN

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Establishment of Nursing/Midwifery Museums

Project Year: 2008.5 ANKARA

Project manager: Doç.Dr. Yurdagül ERDEM

The Role of Intrapartum Perineal Massage in Prevention of Perineal Traumas and of Their Negative Effects

Project Year: 2008.7 AYDIN

Project manager: Yrd. Doç.Dr. Zekiye KARAÇAM

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Studying of the Education Childhood with Hemophilia in İzmir, Their Parents, Teachers and Nurses About ''Life with Hemophilia''

Yard. Doç. Dr. Selmin Şenol

The Effect of Computer Aided Consultancy, on Nurses' Progress at Psychologic Care, Working with Patients Suffering From Oncologic Diseases

Project Year: 2007.2 ANKARA 

Project manager: Prof. Dr. Gülşen TERAKYE

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A Collaboration Project for Utilization of Research in Nursing

Prof. Dr. Gülseren Kocaman

Effects of Nursing Employment on Patient Satisfaction, Job Satisfaction of Nurses and Hospital Infections

Yrd. Doç. Dr. Serap Sökmen

Supplying The Needs of Pregnant Women Living in the Kars Area for Education About Safe Maternity

Project Year: 2007.6 KARS

Project manager: Öğrt. Gör. Neriman GEY 

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Impact of Effective Communication Between Hospital-Health Center and To Inform Mothers During Early Discharge After Delivery on Mother-Child Indicators

Project Year: 2007.7 ERZURUM

Project manager: Prof. Dr. Sebahat GÖZÜM

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Determining the Knowledge and the Applications of Nurses About Transfusion of Blood and Blood Components

Project Year: 2006

Project manager: Yrd. Doç. Dr. Hatice Tel

Evaluation of the Effect of Planned Education (Prenatal Education Course) Given to Pregnant Women in the Prenatal Period

Project Year: 2006.4 İZMİR

Project manager: Doç. Dr. Olcay ÇAM 

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Community Based Nursing Care: Integrity of Education-Intervention

Project Year: 2006.5 BOLU

Project manager: Prof. Dr. Feray GÖKDOĞAN

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Reproductive Health Awareness Development Project - 1 Genital Discharge

Project Year: 2006.6 İSTANBUL

Project manager: Prof. Dr. Hediye ARSLAN

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The Profile of Nursing Students in Turkey

Project Year: 2006.7 MERSİN

Project manager: Yard. Doç. Dr. Rana YİĞİT

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The Restructure in Nursing Services of Ankara University İbn-I Sina Hospital: Pilot Study in Organ Transplantation Units

Project Year: 2006.10 ANKARA

Project manager: Yard. Doç. Dr. Serpil TALAS 

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Traditional Baby Care Approches and Health Education

Project Year: 2006.12 KARS

Project manager: Hatice BIÇAKÇI

Improvement Assertiviness Level of Nurses Who Works in Kars

Project Year: 2006.13 KARS 

Project manager: Filiz ADANA

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An Investigation of Student Parents' Opinions on the Educational Institution and on the Occupation and Nurse Managers' Assessments of the Graduates' Performances for the Purpose of Evaluating the Quality of Nursing Education

Project Year: 2006.14 İSTANBUL

Project manager: Yard. Doç. Dr. Ülkü BAYKAL

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Professional and Scholarly Activities of Nurse Doctorates in Turkey

Project Year: 2004.4 KONYA

Project manager: Dr. Belgin AKIN

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The Effects of the Working State of Mothers on Giving Milk and Child Health

Project Year: 2004.2 İSTANBUL

Project manager: Öğr. Görv. Gülçin BOZKURT

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Improving the Health of Preschool Children

Project Year: 2003.1 İZMİR

Project manager: Yard. Doç. Dr. Candan ÖZTÜRK 

Pregnancy Education Center

Project Year: 2003.3 KOCAELİ

Project manager: Prof. Dr. Seçil AKSAYAN

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Caring for People with Alzheimer Disease and Training with Family Caregivers for People with Alzheimer Disease

Project Year: 2003.5 ERZURUM

Project manager: Araş. Görv. Dilek KILIÇ

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